Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adelle's first Birthday!!

Adelle turned one on November 5th, 2008. I made her a giant cupcake cake (that I was told looked like a ball...LOL) and we had the family over to celebrate with us. She was delighted when everyone turned their undivided attention to her to sing "Happy Birthday"... I have a youtube video of her smilling and giggling while we are singing. When I figure out how to post it on here I will!
She also enjoyed eating the frosting off her cupcake... Just the frosting! Grandma gave her a cute little doll that she was very curious about and she also got a gloworm and a couple really cute outfits and A really cute lion push/walk toy from Grandma Greenwood.
I cheated and got her this adorable little tikes acitivity garden center for her birthday but gave it to her last month. I just couldnt wait! I think I love it more than she does- LOL.
She also surprised us with walking on her birthday! She just got up and started walking, she fell a lot (A LOT) but she just kept getting up with renewed vigour and walked and fell and walked! She just decided she finally wanted to and she did. She's now doing better and better everyday!
I cant believe that our baby Adelle is already a year old! When she was born I thought that this day was foooreeevvverrr away, but it snuck up on us.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had my 20 weeks ultrasound on Monday, October 20th. I was sooo relieved to confirm that it the baby's gender is indeed male :o) He already had a cute boyish crib set waiting for him and I was already convinced that it was a he and making the necessary preparations to change the nursery, so I was pretty nervous when I went it for the ultrasound. I would have been happy either way, of course, but it will be fun for Adelle to have a little brother (to beat on ;oP ) NOW we have to agree on a first name, as the middle name will be Charles (and last name Greenwood of course!) after his the great-grandpas on both sides of the family! I like Emmett... Josh like Oren or Oran*? What do you think?

It really is a boy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We miss you Daddy!

Josh left for Iraq Saturday, 09.06.08
He'll be serving a 12 month tour in northern Iraq Some nice men and women volunteer to greet soldiers at the airport in Maine, and take pictures along the way. I was lucky enough to find pictures of him on their websites!


I made this fluffy white tutu for Adelle, it was adorable in the pictures!

During the session she kept trying to push that white column around, like it was her walker. Silly lovey.

Cheesy grin!

Family Pictures!

We got our family pictures done last minute before Josh left for iraq! I thought we had picked the perfect time, exept Adelle skiped her morning nap- so we did some ridiculously silly and fun things to get her to smile.

Adelle loves to play this game with Daddy. Look at that smile!