Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We miss you Daddy!

Josh left for Iraq Saturday, 09.06.08
He'll be serving a 12 month tour in northern Iraq Some nice men and women volunteer to greet soldiers at the airport in Maine, and take pictures along the way. I was lucky enough to find pictures of him on their websites!


I made this fluffy white tutu for Adelle, it was adorable in the pictures!

During the session she kept trying to push that white column around, like it was her walker. Silly lovey.

Cheesy grin!

Family Pictures!

We got our family pictures done last minute before Josh left for iraq! I thought we had picked the perfect time, exept Adelle skiped her morning nap- so we did some ridiculously silly and fun things to get her to smile.

Adelle loves to play this game with Daddy. Look at that smile!