Monday, December 6, 2010

Its beginning to look at lot like...

 A vintage Christmas!
I finally got a tree put up. I had my heart set on having a white tree this year, and since I'm not really sure if i'll want one next year I didn't want to invest a lot of $$ in it.

 So I scoured craigslist for weeks. Nothing. I put up a "wanted" add and finally someone e-mailed selling their Christmas tree. I talked them down from $50 to $20 (really its only worth $40...what were they thinking?) drove out to the middle of no-where, and put it up.
 We had quite a fight that tree and I. It is the flimsiest piece of.... It kept leaning to one side or the other, the branches are so bare, you can see into the middle... I hate this tree. lol. 
Oh well. I actually ended up propping it up on my side table, to give it more height and to keep little hands away from the (shatterproof) ornaments. Apparently I need a taller table to put this tree on. I keep having to chase a certain little boy down and replace the ornaments on the tree. Really, Gavin can run and dodge like a professional football player. Its incredible. 
To keep the tree from falling over we had to tape (I mean REALLY tape-use a whole roll of tape!) the tree to the table. It looks interesting. I don't have a tree skirt so I plan on planning to make one. Hopefully I'll have time to actually do it, because that tape looks ridiculous.
 Besides the tree, I have a couple Christmas trinkets here and there. I'm having a hard time feeling "Jolly and Bright" this year, but I'm trying. The kids love the tree and the colorful ornaments everywhere.

 When I say love, I actually mean they love chucking them across the room and trying to bite them. Either way, they love the ornaments, and I love those rascalls, so it all works out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

countdown: 23

Oh goodness, its December guys! I think someone skipped November....!?

Adelle and Gavin are having a sword fight, but not with swords....more like cafe curtain rods. lol. Don't worry they are being gentle, its a gentle curtain rod sword fight. Maybe its more like a wizard duel... who knows?

Those babies are so cute and funny and wild! I always call Adelle my baby Tarzan. If your child has any inclination towards being feral, do not let them watch Disney's Tarzan. I think that movie fueled her fire. Oh yes, she's always adorable but now she's adorable in her pull-up and wild hair. Clothes? no way! Hair bows? Are you serious!? This girl has a mind of her own, (how dare she?!

And Gavin, he just likes to do what Adelle is doing. She has her own little shadow. They are such a cute pair those two. Lately they have been playing together more...mostly chasing each other and wrestling, but yesterday I caught them playing "Kitchen" together. It just melts my heart to see how they love each other so.
They are such a blessing to me.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I can't believe its only 39 days until Christmas (as Ebay kindly reminds me)...
Do I have any gifts made? Nope! Do I know what I'm going to make? Nope.
I need some creative juice. Lately I sit down to craft, with all my supplies and inspiration around, but nothing comes to me! Uh oh. And I have 39 days. And 39 days go by feeling like 20 days. Or even 15 days.
I better get my craft on, and FAST!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm here, and then i'm not.
I really have been neglecting this sad blog.

The season changes are in full swing, the leaves are all dried and golden and red. My flowers have all died-but i'm okay with that. I was ready for fall, and here it is. I love the smell of the crisp cold air. Lovely autumn.

Adelle will be 3 in just a few days! Her birthday is November 5th. We already had a birthday party for her and her 2 cousins. They had loads of fun. This time we're just going to celebrate with family. Adelle LOVES birthday cake and singing. So does Gavin- he loves to sing "happy birthday" Its pretty adorable.
We bought her a talking Woody doll from Toy Story 3. Adelle loves Toy Story and "Fooey" (Woody). I'm sure she'll be super excited to get it. I can't believe my baby girl is three years old, time flies! Cliche but oh so true.

OH! Its Halloween. Almost forgot.
Adelle and Gavin terrorised a ward halloween function last night. Adelle dressed up as a fairy and Gavin was a dragon. How appropriate. The kids hadn't taken their nap yesterday so we ended up leaving the halloween party before any serious fun(candy) broke out. It was either leave or have Adelle throw herself on the floor in a kicking, flailing heap every 2 minutes. Easy choice.
Josh and I went over to my sister Stephanie's house for a no-kids-allowed halloween party. Mom and Dad stayed with the kids since they were sleeping at home.
Ha. Josh found this funny apron at a local German bakery. (I forgot the name but I think this bakery deserves its own I'll be back with a name!)
This apron he found.... well you just have to see it. So i'll be back with a pic.
I dressed up as Ephelba, from wicked. Its was total improvisation... but very fun.

We recently lost our whole flock of birds (chickens and ducks) to a great masacre. This time it was not Aubie (our {chicken} hunting dog.)
We're not sure what happened to our little birds, but all of their heads were gone. It was awful. Josh thought it might have been an angry deranged person. We had the police come by and they filed a report. The cop also thought it was more likely to be a person than an animal.
After some research, I found out that there are several animals that take only the heads when they attack a flock of chickens. Very disturbing. Yuk.
It was a very sad day, I was particularly sad that we lost our two ducks. I love those girls. They were such great layers too. :'(
Come next spring, we are going to start over with a new set of chicks. Hopefully those girls have a less traumatic life.

Looks like I had more to talk about than I anticipated! Good good.

With Halloween out of the way, i'll be spending my "free" time working on Christmas cards, crafts, and presents. I'm going to start a seperate blog for my crafts, soon. Soon.

Congrats if you made it through all that uncensored rambling. :o)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Love

Its amazing how much motherhood changed me, expanded me. (Does that make sense?)
I just know that the depth of my emotion is more than I ever guessed possible. I'm more sensitive, i'm more aware, cautious...emotional! All because my little babies that Heavenly Father trusted me to care for. I love them so much.
When Adelle was born, I remember sobbing the first time they took her away from me. Sure, I was a emotional post partum mommy, but really I just loved her so much already. I hated the thought of ever being without her. Then when I got pregnant with Gavin, I remember being afraid that I could never love another child as much as I love my baby Adelle. Of course that was silly because I am over the moon in love with my little boy too.
Oh my, those little loves make my life. They are amazing in every way. I love watching their little personalities grow and develope. I love watching them interact with each other. They are my most precious gift. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father let me have children, especially Adelle and Gavin, I could just burst with gratitude.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and i'm so happy to know that Families are FOREVER.
Josh+Dani+Adelle+Gavin=Forever Family. Isn't that the most amazing, wonderful thing?

Friday, June 11, 2010

A tooth, roosters, and cake.

Gavin accidentally got his first tooth last week. He boinked (I don't think that's a word? But its onomatopoeia) heads/mouths/whatever with Adelle and *poof* there was his first tooth. Needless to say he was not thrilled. It was his upper right tooth and it is huge! The left one came out this week, as to not be left out- its also colossal. Seriously.
He looks so adorable with his barely there bunny teeth.

Adelle has been using more and more words, and putting together sentences. ("Go away")
She's also been on a sweets only strike... Ahh fun stuff! Her will seems to be way stronger than ours and inevitably she outlasts us and gets the ice cream after dinner. Smart Girl.

We've been spending loads of time outside. The kids running in the sprinklers, chasing the ducks and chickens, and digging in the sandbox. Josh has been adding plants to his garden and I've been dotting on my flowers. I love spring! Well, its almost summer isn't it?

Speaking of our chickies, it turns out we have a couple of roosters. Our best looking Red (formerly known as Rosie) and Gray (Bertie) have taken to crowing in the morning, or after a rainstorm, or just whenever they feel like we're a little too relaxed. So we'll be looking for new homes for these dudes. (New, friendly chicken-loving in a non-eating way, home)
Seeing these happy neurotic chickies and ducks in my backyard everyday has made me give up eating meat. And really I've always thought the word of wisdom advises not to eat meat (unless in times of famine)... Its been tough- yesterday I swear I dreamed about a huge chipotle burrito filled with perfectly season steak. I've been making myself eat fish instead, and although the Mahi Mahi I picked up from Costco is good, and mild, It hasn't filled the void. Yet. I'm sure I'll get over my cravings and find some tasty vegetarian recipes. I hope.

I've been really slacking on getting all my home improvement/decorating projects finished.
I'm {_} this close to being finished with the table. Next come the chairs (Oh what fabric to use?) Then I have a couple shelves to build (from knockoff wood)...Well this list could go on ForEVER. Really.
My sister Katherine is coming home for the summer. This girl would give Martha Stewart a complex. Seriously. I'll have to somehow trick her into helping me finish sewing the chair cushions. Or maybe I'll bribe her- with a great big yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple. Yum. Extra caramel please! I'm sure that would do it!
(I Love you Kat!)

Hmmm speaking(typing) of yummy things, I'm expecting a Cricut Cake in the mail soon! I have too many cricut cartridges not to get one... right? I mean I have to get the most use out of those little carts. Now I can have my cake and eat it too :) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I'm totally in love with the Monsters cart BTW, and the Carousel one too!EEK! Talk about an addicting hobby!
Actually what hobby isn't addicting? Darn Moda Fabric!... Those amazing, sweet, yummy Jelly Rolls and Layer cakes. Those are deffinitely addicting.
I think collecting is my hobby. Really I just love to drool over pretty paper and fabric and then hide it in my closets. Josh is always complaining about the my craft things creeping slowly, taking over all the closets. I just told him to build me a craft room. Hah... not happening.
He's amazingly a good sport though, he even got crafty and make this weird necklace hangy thingy from a turkey beard and sinew and shell beads. He put it on this turkey tail spread he made for his brother. Weird hunter cave man stuff. I was proud.

"Amazing" keeps working its way out of my fingers onto the keyboard. I must really like that word. Or maybe its just that I've had an amazingly amazing evening. :0)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is a highway

And i'm riding a bike.
The last couple of weeks have been
Good and bad.
Adelle thought it would be funny to lock Mommy out of the house, while I went in the backyard to fetch something... 1 crying hysterical mama's Boy, 1 giddy mischevious Girl, 1 firetruck and 5 firemen (I know what your thinking but alas no, they were all old) and an hour and a half later, I was back in. Oooo was I frustrated! It was soo cold, my cell phone was IN the house, everything was locked, and none of my surrouding neighboors were home!
Josh has been busy working on improving our exotic haven of a backyard. Ha, okay, maybe I embelished this a little. Anyhow, he HAS been busy putting up a cute {white} picket fence, that is designating the dog area. (No yucky chain-link dog run for me. Thank you.) If you peeked into our yard you would think me a liar, because our fence is not yet white. Well that will have to wait for a sunny day.
He's also been working on finishing our raised garden boxes. (And I just found out that were treated lumber in a previous life! Um... will we die from eating our poisonned not-so-organic home grown produce? I hope not. He got the reclaimed wood for free, and it looked pretty old so hopefully we will be safe. Hopefully. We'll just make sure to ALWAYS bless our veggies before eating them.)
Next on his list is building the chicken coop. Our chickens are almost fully feathered, which makes them almost ready to go outside. I think we'll throw a coop warming party for them. Oh! and it looks like our ducks, Mr Hensworth and Mr Darcy are actually Misses. Oops. So we might keep them after all since they will lay eggs.
In between all this labor, he's been helping me finish our new old table. I got it for $31, it has a beautifull pattern of inlaid wood on the top. Joshiepoo sanded it down for me, and we stained it last night. I'm going to paint the apron and legs heirloom white. I think i'll also paint our chairs white. (I got 4 carved chairs for $30!)
I'm sure Gavin and Adelle will be excited to eat at the table again, instead of on their booster seats on the kitchen floor. Poor babies.
I would love to show and tell but our laptop (whith all our pictures) is in the computer hospital right now. He suffered major trauma after Gavin demonstrated his special talent of destruction :)
This post is brought to you by DayQuill and Riccola, a modern miracle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lazzyy day. Its so nice outside, I really should get out... but i'm not feeling it. My house is a disaster and i've been sitting around all day. I need some motivation and energy!


Adelle and Gavin are naping, (at least I hope Adelle is napping. We got her a big girl toddler bed a couple of months ago, and she usually plays in her room during nap time now.)

I really REALLY should get off the couch and clean. Or get dressed. But instead i'm looking on craigs for a new table to replace the one I just sold.

Wish me luck. and pure energy. (like my little ham!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

to glaze or not to glaze?

glazed door

left side is glazed right side is not

Today I was determined to finally finish the kitchen cabinets. I repainted them all the same off-white as my trim and doors. My next step is to either glaze and seal or just seal. I can't decide which look I like best.

I really like the nice bright clean non-glazed cabinets but I wonder how long they will stay that way? :) I also like the dimension and character the glazing brings...but does it make the cabinets look all nasty and uber dirty? I can't decide!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a crazy fun busy weekend. Yesterday our little family drove 3 hours to a great little antique shop in the San Luis Valley, that Josh had spoted while on a work trip. Sarah, the owner was such a sweet little lady, and a great salesperson at that. Josh found a primitive yarn winder, an original 1858 US Map, and a couple other fun antiques. I left with some more milk glass pieces to add to my collection, Adelle got some costume jewelry bling, Gavin got vintage circus posters.
I guess we were on a roll because we went thrifting again today! We hit up ;) the flea market and a warehouse type antique store. The kids were unusually cooperative and we found some more neat pieces. I got an old piano bench with carved legs for 2 quarters! It needs some work, but I couldn't resist a good makeover piece like that.
We also ate our first *get ready* fried twinkies! (I know you are probably thinking OH! THE HORROR!) I've heard people rave about them, so we had to try the little heart-attack-on-a-stick. They were just okay, I much prefer a good ol' funnel cake.
Soooo the best part of our day was when took the kids to pick out our new little baby chicks! I think I was more excited than Adelle. They were so cute and fluffy, we left with 6 chicks and 2 ducks. I love them! They are sooo adorable, I could just sit and watch them all day. Adelle also loves her "birds". Gavin loves them a little (or a lot) too much.
I can't wait to get some back yard fresh eggs! Whoo hooo.

pictures to come...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sewing a straight line

A little craigslist bench, perfect for storing the kids' toys! Should I paint it white? And no, I'm not trying to balance all the pillows on this one little bench, I just put them there for the picture which turned out not to be such a great idea because of the direction of the sun.

My first completed quilt top! :) YAY! What fabric should I use for the back??? I'm trying to decide between using just white, or using a couple different prints from the top....

sneak peak

I spoofed up this target frame with some scrapbook paper, flowers, an a couple buttons.

Messy kitchen, I'm thinking of adding beadboar wallpaper to the side of my cabinets, and my island. yes? no? Turkish Plates, and my new old red chandelier (It used to be shiny brass)
Vinyl frames made with my cricut

I love red! (I think she may need some bling!)

Almost there

don't mind the tags, I had to play around before I decided where everything would stay.

I love the little mushrooms!


okay, I know... I forgot the ladder, and this is only like ....well.... two walls. Okay, I'm not done, i'll add more pictures when I am.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I told you,

I've been busy busy.
I have a long list of projects, some of them are done, most are half way or (3/4 way) done.
Here are some before and after pics of my house. I'll take more complete after pics after i'm completely finished with the painting and I clean everything up. I've been so preoccupied with projects that I've been a verrrry neglectful housekeeper. My baaaad ;)

Yikes. I guess tonight is not the night of the big reveal... Blogger is not wanting me to post pics... Sorry! Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

Anyway I've also been working on my first real patchwork quilt! I'm done with the quilt top, i used those gorgeous Nicey Jane fabrics I've been drooling over forever now. I think the pattern is called a dissapearing nine patch, or tossed nine patch. Now I have to pick fabric for the back, and binding and get her done. (GET'R dun, as Josh would say)
I'll post pics of that too.
I sewed about a million envelope pillow covers too, But i'd really like more, which works out perfectly because pillow forms are 50% off at Joann's this week. YAY!
hmmm... What else? I've been panting all my accessories to match my new light and bright color theme, so lots of white spray paint. I've been looking for more storage pieces too, and a couple chairs. We always need more seating and more storage in our little home.
Alrighty, Gavin woke up for his hourly feeding, gah. I'll post pictures later, if blogger will allow, of course.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gimme some power tools

Because I'm excited and inspired to build my own furniture!

I just found this amazing AMAZING blog with plans to build all the furniture I drool over (mostly in the PB and PBK catalog). Ana at Knock off Wood publishes her furniture plans on her website, completely free. I wish I had waited a couple weeks before buying Adelle her new toddler bed. I could have built her the adorable Farmhouse Toddler Bed that actually matches Gavin's Pottery Barn crib (they share a room....kinda... he sleeps in our bed, but he does have a crib in Adelle's room).

Okay, I totally want to craigslist Adelle's toddler bed and make this one (of course we'd paint it white, to match.)
This woman is amazingly talented. Her husband and her built their own house by themselves, their own two hands (well four hands, i guess)!
Maybe one day Josh and I will do the same! (It would totally go along with his building a homestead dreams)
Another project (or 10) on the list. How will I ever find the time to do it all? And then shower?
BTW I'm almost done painting. I painted over the yucky yellow, with a more soothing super-light-almost-cream yellow. Now I need to finish the hall, and the cabinets and sew some new pillow covers. Oh and paint the curtain rod and clips. My goal is to be finished by Friday. Thats reasonable, no?
Okay. Better get some sleep now.

Forever and ever and EVER and EVER

I'll be painting. I'm nevverrr going to be done! Well, maybe I will. And when I do, i'll post some pictures.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think I bit off more than I can chew with this project. I'm on day 6 of painting the kitchen cabinets. I still have to paint all the doors, seal everything and put it all back together. I'm tired! I also started painting the inside part of my front door white, and I bought a couple chandeliers from craigslist that are going to be spray painted. Next I'm going to paint the kitchen, dining, family room, hall, and guest bathroom walls. THEN I'm painting a small end table I have, and my kitchen counter stools. AHHH. I'm overwhelmed! Will I ever be done painting??

I hope this is worth it! I promise to post before and after pics.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IKEA wishlist

to be continued...


Okay, I know i've been awful. (about writing that is...)
Thank You to everyone who has been praying for Josh's sister, she is truly a miracle! She's slowly improving.
I've been busy painting! I painted our honey-colored wood cabinets, a nice fresh white. It brightens the whole kitchen and dinning area. I'm also painting over the dark warm colors I was so crazy about when we first moved in, 3.5 years ago. The kitchen and part of the family room are going to be a very pretty aqua (I would put the shade color up here but the gal at home depot custom mixed it for me.) The family room and hall are going to be yellow. Red is still my favorite color (okay, second favorite next to pink) so i'll make sure to have plenty of red accents, just no red walls. I also fell in love with Heather Bailey's new fabric line "Nicey Jane" so i'll be sewing pillow covers and napkins in those bright cheery prints. I might even get brave at try to make a couple of Amy Butler's gumdrop cushions. I've been a little obsessed with fabric lately. My poor cricut has been neglected the past couple of months. But once i'm all done with the house i'll have time to papercraft again.
Ahhhh rambling, I know.
Okay, so Gavin just turned one (well Feb, 24th) and he's such an adorable little stinker, he loves to peel the keys of the laptop keyboard. Infact, I think its a special talent he has. Seriously. One swipe of his chubby little hand and four keys are gone. Crazy. Anyway, my keyboard is giving me a hard time now, after all the abuse, the keys are sticking and not working and being generally difficult.
Adelle had a growth spurt recently, and is finally on the charts! YAY Adelle! She's been eating like a champ (mostly junk, but nonetheless like a champ. lets be positive here.)
Well I'll really really try to keep this blog current. I wish I could remember how to spell things! I swear, two years at home with babies has turned my brain to mush. I need to sign up for a couple classes, for some mental stimulation.
Hey BTW Josh is officially a civilian! They took our military IDs, so gone are the days of military mondays at NYPD pizza. :o( He's looking at getting into the National Guard though. We'll see what happens in the next week. Pray for a good job for Josh!
Alright, thats all I have for tonight folks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The miracle of Prayer



Josh's sister- Nacole Coe, had a stroke. She is so young, only 30 years old, and has a 10 year old son who needs her.
She's has several major compliactions and several brain surgeries. Last night everyone was so sad, and getting ready to say goodbye.
This morning she opened an eye! That is such a miraculous surprise. I dont know what it means, but I know that miracles happen and that we need one for our family.

Please pray for Nacole. Please pray for her family, especially her son.

I'll try and keep this updated but for now I have to join the rest of my family, at the Pentz weekly Sunday dinner.