Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gimme some power tools

Because I'm excited and inspired to build my own furniture!

I just found this amazing AMAZING blog with plans to build all the furniture I drool over (mostly in the PB and PBK catalog). Ana at Knock off Wood publishes her furniture plans on her website, completely free. I wish I had waited a couple weeks before buying Adelle her new toddler bed. I could have built her the adorable Farmhouse Toddler Bed that actually matches Gavin's Pottery Barn crib (they share a room....kinda... he sleeps in our bed, but he does have a crib in Adelle's room).

Okay, I totally want to craigslist Adelle's toddler bed and make this one (of course we'd paint it white, to match.)
This woman is amazingly talented. Her husband and her built their own house by themselves, their own two hands (well four hands, i guess)!
Maybe one day Josh and I will do the same! (It would totally go along with his building a homestead dreams)
Another project (or 10) on the list. How will I ever find the time to do it all? And then shower?
BTW I'm almost done painting. I painted over the yucky yellow, with a more soothing super-light-almost-cream yellow. Now I need to finish the hall, and the cabinets and sew some new pillow covers. Oh and paint the curtain rod and clips. My goal is to be finished by Friday. Thats reasonable, no?
Okay. Better get some sleep now.

Forever and ever and EVER and EVER

I'll be painting. I'm nevverrr going to be done! Well, maybe I will. And when I do, i'll post some pictures.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think I bit off more than I can chew with this project. I'm on day 6 of painting the kitchen cabinets. I still have to paint all the doors, seal everything and put it all back together. I'm tired! I also started painting the inside part of my front door white, and I bought a couple chandeliers from craigslist that are going to be spray painted. Next I'm going to paint the kitchen, dining, family room, hall, and guest bathroom walls. THEN I'm painting a small end table I have, and my kitchen counter stools. AHHH. I'm overwhelmed! Will I ever be done painting??

I hope this is worth it! I promise to post before and after pics.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IKEA wishlist

to be continued...


Okay, I know i've been awful. (about writing that is...)
Thank You to everyone who has been praying for Josh's sister, she is truly a miracle! She's slowly improving.
I've been busy painting! I painted our honey-colored wood cabinets, a nice fresh white. It brightens the whole kitchen and dinning area. I'm also painting over the dark warm colors I was so crazy about when we first moved in, 3.5 years ago. The kitchen and part of the family room are going to be a very pretty aqua (I would put the shade color up here but the gal at home depot custom mixed it for me.) The family room and hall are going to be yellow. Red is still my favorite color (okay, second favorite next to pink) so i'll make sure to have plenty of red accents, just no red walls. I also fell in love with Heather Bailey's new fabric line "Nicey Jane" so i'll be sewing pillow covers and napkins in those bright cheery prints. I might even get brave at try to make a couple of Amy Butler's gumdrop cushions. I've been a little obsessed with fabric lately. My poor cricut has been neglected the past couple of months. But once i'm all done with the house i'll have time to papercraft again.
Ahhhh rambling, I know.
Okay, so Gavin just turned one (well Feb, 24th) and he's such an adorable little stinker, he loves to peel the keys of the laptop keyboard. Infact, I think its a special talent he has. Seriously. One swipe of his chubby little hand and four keys are gone. Crazy. Anyway, my keyboard is giving me a hard time now, after all the abuse, the keys are sticking and not working and being generally difficult.
Adelle had a growth spurt recently, and is finally on the charts! YAY Adelle! She's been eating like a champ (mostly junk, but nonetheless like a champ. lets be positive here.)
Well I'll really really try to keep this blog current. I wish I could remember how to spell things! I swear, two years at home with babies has turned my brain to mush. I need to sign up for a couple classes, for some mental stimulation.
Hey BTW Josh is officially a civilian! They took our military IDs, so gone are the days of military mondays at NYPD pizza. :o( He's looking at getting into the National Guard though. We'll see what happens in the next week. Pray for a good job for Josh!
Alright, thats all I have for tonight folks.