Monday, April 26, 2010

to glaze or not to glaze?

glazed door

left side is glazed right side is not

Today I was determined to finally finish the kitchen cabinets. I repainted them all the same off-white as my trim and doors. My next step is to either glaze and seal or just seal. I can't decide which look I like best.

I really like the nice bright clean non-glazed cabinets but I wonder how long they will stay that way? :) I also like the dimension and character the glazing brings...but does it make the cabinets look all nasty and uber dirty? I can't decide!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a crazy fun busy weekend. Yesterday our little family drove 3 hours to a great little antique shop in the San Luis Valley, that Josh had spoted while on a work trip. Sarah, the owner was such a sweet little lady, and a great salesperson at that. Josh found a primitive yarn winder, an original 1858 US Map, and a couple other fun antiques. I left with some more milk glass pieces to add to my collection, Adelle got some costume jewelry bling, Gavin got vintage circus posters.
I guess we were on a roll because we went thrifting again today! We hit up ;) the flea market and a warehouse type antique store. The kids were unusually cooperative and we found some more neat pieces. I got an old piano bench with carved legs for 2 quarters! It needs some work, but I couldn't resist a good makeover piece like that.
We also ate our first *get ready* fried twinkies! (I know you are probably thinking OH! THE HORROR!) I've heard people rave about them, so we had to try the little heart-attack-on-a-stick. They were just okay, I much prefer a good ol' funnel cake.
Soooo the best part of our day was when took the kids to pick out our new little baby chicks! I think I was more excited than Adelle. They were so cute and fluffy, we left with 6 chicks and 2 ducks. I love them! They are sooo adorable, I could just sit and watch them all day. Adelle also loves her "birds". Gavin loves them a little (or a lot) too much.
I can't wait to get some back yard fresh eggs! Whoo hooo.

pictures to come...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sewing a straight line

A little craigslist bench, perfect for storing the kids' toys! Should I paint it white? And no, I'm not trying to balance all the pillows on this one little bench, I just put them there for the picture which turned out not to be such a great idea because of the direction of the sun.

My first completed quilt top! :) YAY! What fabric should I use for the back??? I'm trying to decide between using just white, or using a couple different prints from the top....

sneak peak

I spoofed up this target frame with some scrapbook paper, flowers, an a couple buttons.

Messy kitchen, I'm thinking of adding beadboar wallpaper to the side of my cabinets, and my island. yes? no? Turkish Plates, and my new old red chandelier (It used to be shiny brass)
Vinyl frames made with my cricut

I love red! (I think she may need some bling!)

Almost there

don't mind the tags, I had to play around before I decided where everything would stay.

I love the little mushrooms!


okay, I know... I forgot the ladder, and this is only like ....well.... two walls. Okay, I'm not done, i'll add more pictures when I am.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I told you,

I've been busy busy.
I have a long list of projects, some of them are done, most are half way or (3/4 way) done.
Here are some before and after pics of my house. I'll take more complete after pics after i'm completely finished with the painting and I clean everything up. I've been so preoccupied with projects that I've been a verrrry neglectful housekeeper. My baaaad ;)

Yikes. I guess tonight is not the night of the big reveal... Blogger is not wanting me to post pics... Sorry! Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

Anyway I've also been working on my first real patchwork quilt! I'm done with the quilt top, i used those gorgeous Nicey Jane fabrics I've been drooling over forever now. I think the pattern is called a dissapearing nine patch, or tossed nine patch. Now I have to pick fabric for the back, and binding and get her done. (GET'R dun, as Josh would say)
I'll post pics of that too.
I sewed about a million envelope pillow covers too, But i'd really like more, which works out perfectly because pillow forms are 50% off at Joann's this week. YAY!
hmmm... What else? I've been panting all my accessories to match my new light and bright color theme, so lots of white spray paint. I've been looking for more storage pieces too, and a couple chairs. We always need more seating and more storage in our little home.
Alrighty, Gavin woke up for his hourly feeding, gah. I'll post pictures later, if blogger will allow, of course.