Monday, December 6, 2010

Its beginning to look at lot like...

 A vintage Christmas!
I finally got a tree put up. I had my heart set on having a white tree this year, and since I'm not really sure if i'll want one next year I didn't want to invest a lot of $$ in it.

 So I scoured craigslist for weeks. Nothing. I put up a "wanted" add and finally someone e-mailed selling their Christmas tree. I talked them down from $50 to $20 (really its only worth $40...what were they thinking?) drove out to the middle of no-where, and put it up.
 We had quite a fight that tree and I. It is the flimsiest piece of.... It kept leaning to one side or the other, the branches are so bare, you can see into the middle... I hate this tree. lol. 
Oh well. I actually ended up propping it up on my side table, to give it more height and to keep little hands away from the (shatterproof) ornaments. Apparently I need a taller table to put this tree on. I keep having to chase a certain little boy down and replace the ornaments on the tree. Really, Gavin can run and dodge like a professional football player. Its incredible. 
To keep the tree from falling over we had to tape (I mean REALLY tape-use a whole roll of tape!) the tree to the table. It looks interesting. I don't have a tree skirt so I plan on planning to make one. Hopefully I'll have time to actually do it, because that tape looks ridiculous.
 Besides the tree, I have a couple Christmas trinkets here and there. I'm having a hard time feeling "Jolly and Bright" this year, but I'm trying. The kids love the tree and the colorful ornaments everywhere.

 When I say love, I actually mean they love chucking them across the room and trying to bite them. Either way, they love the ornaments, and I love those rascalls, so it all works out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

countdown: 23

Oh goodness, its December guys! I think someone skipped November....!?

Adelle and Gavin are having a sword fight, but not with swords....more like cafe curtain rods. lol. Don't worry they are being gentle, its a gentle curtain rod sword fight. Maybe its more like a wizard duel... who knows?

Those babies are so cute and funny and wild! I always call Adelle my baby Tarzan. If your child has any inclination towards being feral, do not let them watch Disney's Tarzan. I think that movie fueled her fire. Oh yes, she's always adorable but now she's adorable in her pull-up and wild hair. Clothes? no way! Hair bows? Are you serious!? This girl has a mind of her own, (how dare she?!

And Gavin, he just likes to do what Adelle is doing. She has her own little shadow. They are such a cute pair those two. Lately they have been playing together more...mostly chasing each other and wrestling, but yesterday I caught them playing "Kitchen" together. It just melts my heart to see how they love each other so.
They are such a blessing to me.