Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had my 20 weeks ultrasound on Monday, October 20th. I was sooo relieved to confirm that it the baby's gender is indeed male :o) He already had a cute boyish crib set waiting for him and I was already convinced that it was a he and making the necessary preparations to change the nursery, so I was pretty nervous when I went it for the ultrasound. I would have been happy either way, of course, but it will be fun for Adelle to have a little brother (to beat on ;oP ) NOW we have to agree on a first name, as the middle name will be Charles (and last name Greenwood of course!) after his the great-grandpas on both sides of the family! I like Emmett... Josh like Oren or Oran*? What do you think?

It really is a boy!

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