Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There's no place like home

Adelle, Gavin and I got back from a looonng road trip last night (well this morning around 12:30)... I think we we all stoked to sleep in our own beds!
The Original Pentz's, the Cottongims, the Cromars, and the Greenwoods (except Josh of course) all met up in St George, UT. The kids actually did pretty well in the car- Adelle got to watch a couple of movies. The resort was nice, but it was HOT hot hot! Our favorite things were playing in the pool, and the St George temple. Gavin got a bad virus, and ear infection which landed us in the ER. Again. I stayed in our room most of the vacation, taking care of my sicky. We did get to visit our Barber side of the family, in Logendale Nevada. Adelle really loved their farm anymals, especially the horses and Myrna's tiny kittens. I'll write more after bath time and nap time!

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