Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Seventh Seal

Okay, anyone else wondering what our crazy president is going to do to the future of our country? Scary Stuff. Josh is ready to buy a big farm out in the middle of no-where, to raise animals and grow our own food and escape this crazy crazy world.

Reminds me of a book series I read a couple months ago, "The Sevent Seal". Good books- certainly interesting!


Carissa Rasmussen said...

I can't believe you have 2 babies now! congratulations:)

Paul and Kelsie said...

We hear ya on the farm in the middle of nowhere thing. It is definitely up there on our list of possibilities. Montana's out of the way enough they wouldn't bother us there, right?

Helen Dooley said...

try the left behind series- he is nicholi