Thursday, December 2, 2010

countdown: 23

Oh goodness, its December guys! I think someone skipped November....!?

Adelle and Gavin are having a sword fight, but not with swords....more like cafe curtain rods. lol. Don't worry they are being gentle, its a gentle curtain rod sword fight. Maybe its more like a wizard duel... who knows?

Those babies are so cute and funny and wild! I always call Adelle my baby Tarzan. If your child has any inclination towards being feral, do not let them watch Disney's Tarzan. I think that movie fueled her fire. Oh yes, she's always adorable but now she's adorable in her pull-up and wild hair. Clothes? no way! Hair bows? Are you serious!? This girl has a mind of her own, (how dare she?!

And Gavin, he just likes to do what Adelle is doing. She has her own little shadow. They are such a cute pair those two. Lately they have been playing together more...mostly chasing each other and wrestling, but yesterday I caught them playing "Kitchen" together. It just melts my heart to see how they love each other so.
They are such a blessing to me.



Jeannine said...

Woow what a mane of hair (Adelle's of course). Love those kids!!! :)

Danielle Therese Greenwood said...

yep, her hair was super static-y