Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is a highway

And i'm riding a bike.
The last couple of weeks have been
Good and bad.
Adelle thought it would be funny to lock Mommy out of the house, while I went in the backyard to fetch something... 1 crying hysterical mama's Boy, 1 giddy mischevious Girl, 1 firetruck and 5 firemen (I know what your thinking but alas no, they were all old) and an hour and a half later, I was back in. Oooo was I frustrated! It was soo cold, my cell phone was IN the house, everything was locked, and none of my surrouding neighboors were home!
Josh has been busy working on improving our exotic haven of a backyard. Ha, okay, maybe I embelished this a little. Anyhow, he HAS been busy putting up a cute {white} picket fence, that is designating the dog area. (No yucky chain-link dog run for me. Thank you.) If you peeked into our yard you would think me a liar, because our fence is not yet white. Well that will have to wait for a sunny day.
He's also been working on finishing our raised garden boxes. (And I just found out that were treated lumber in a previous life! Um... will we die from eating our poisonned not-so-organic home grown produce? I hope not. He got the reclaimed wood for free, and it looked pretty old so hopefully we will be safe. Hopefully. We'll just make sure to ALWAYS bless our veggies before eating them.)
Next on his list is building the chicken coop. Our chickens are almost fully feathered, which makes them almost ready to go outside. I think we'll throw a coop warming party for them. Oh! and it looks like our ducks, Mr Hensworth and Mr Darcy are actually Misses. Oops. So we might keep them after all since they will lay eggs.
In between all this labor, he's been helping me finish our new old table. I got it for $31, it has a beautifull pattern of inlaid wood on the top. Joshiepoo sanded it down for me, and we stained it last night. I'm going to paint the apron and legs heirloom white. I think i'll also paint our chairs white. (I got 4 carved chairs for $30!)
I'm sure Gavin and Adelle will be excited to eat at the table again, instead of on their booster seats on the kitchen floor. Poor babies.
I would love to show and tell but our laptop (whith all our pictures) is in the computer hospital right now. He suffered major trauma after Gavin demonstrated his special talent of destruction :)
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