Friday, June 11, 2010

A tooth, roosters, and cake.

Gavin accidentally got his first tooth last week. He boinked (I don't think that's a word? But its onomatopoeia) heads/mouths/whatever with Adelle and *poof* there was his first tooth. Needless to say he was not thrilled. It was his upper right tooth and it is huge! The left one came out this week, as to not be left out- its also colossal. Seriously.
He looks so adorable with his barely there bunny teeth.

Adelle has been using more and more words, and putting together sentences. ("Go away")
She's also been on a sweets only strike... Ahh fun stuff! Her will seems to be way stronger than ours and inevitably she outlasts us and gets the ice cream after dinner. Smart Girl.

We've been spending loads of time outside. The kids running in the sprinklers, chasing the ducks and chickens, and digging in the sandbox. Josh has been adding plants to his garden and I've been dotting on my flowers. I love spring! Well, its almost summer isn't it?

Speaking of our chickies, it turns out we have a couple of roosters. Our best looking Red (formerly known as Rosie) and Gray (Bertie) have taken to crowing in the morning, or after a rainstorm, or just whenever they feel like we're a little too relaxed. So we'll be looking for new homes for these dudes. (New, friendly chicken-loving in a non-eating way, home)
Seeing these happy neurotic chickies and ducks in my backyard everyday has made me give up eating meat. And really I've always thought the word of wisdom advises not to eat meat (unless in times of famine)... Its been tough- yesterday I swear I dreamed about a huge chipotle burrito filled with perfectly season steak. I've been making myself eat fish instead, and although the Mahi Mahi I picked up from Costco is good, and mild, It hasn't filled the void. Yet. I'm sure I'll get over my cravings and find some tasty vegetarian recipes. I hope.

I've been really slacking on getting all my home improvement/decorating projects finished.
I'm {_} this close to being finished with the table. Next come the chairs (Oh what fabric to use?) Then I have a couple shelves to build (from knockoff wood)...Well this list could go on ForEVER. Really.
My sister Katherine is coming home for the summer. This girl would give Martha Stewart a complex. Seriously. I'll have to somehow trick her into helping me finish sewing the chair cushions. Or maybe I'll bribe her- with a great big yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple. Yum. Extra caramel please! I'm sure that would do it!
(I Love you Kat!)

Hmmm speaking(typing) of yummy things, I'm expecting a Cricut Cake in the mail soon! I have too many cricut cartridges not to get one... right? I mean I have to get the most use out of those little carts. Now I can have my cake and eat it too :) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I'm totally in love with the Monsters cart BTW, and the Carousel one too!EEK! Talk about an addicting hobby!
Actually what hobby isn't addicting? Darn Moda Fabric!... Those amazing, sweet, yummy Jelly Rolls and Layer cakes. Those are deffinitely addicting.
I think collecting is my hobby. Really I just love to drool over pretty paper and fabric and then hide it in my closets. Josh is always complaining about the my craft things creeping slowly, taking over all the closets. I just told him to build me a craft room. Hah... not happening.
He's amazingly a good sport though, he even got crafty and make this weird necklace hangy thingy from a turkey beard and sinew and shell beads. He put it on this turkey tail spread he made for his brother. Weird hunter cave man stuff. I was proud.

"Amazing" keeps working its way out of my fingers onto the keyboard. I must really like that word. Or maybe its just that I've had an amazingly amazing evening. :0)

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