Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm here, and then i'm not.
I really have been neglecting this sad blog.

The season changes are in full swing, the leaves are all dried and golden and red. My flowers have all died-but i'm okay with that. I was ready for fall, and here it is. I love the smell of the crisp cold air. Lovely autumn.

Adelle will be 3 in just a few days! Her birthday is November 5th. We already had a birthday party for her and her 2 cousins. They had loads of fun. This time we're just going to celebrate with family. Adelle LOVES birthday cake and singing. So does Gavin- he loves to sing "happy birthday" Its pretty adorable.
We bought her a talking Woody doll from Toy Story 3. Adelle loves Toy Story and "Fooey" (Woody). I'm sure she'll be super excited to get it. I can't believe my baby girl is three years old, time flies! Cliche but oh so true.

OH! Its Halloween. Almost forgot.
Adelle and Gavin terrorised a ward halloween function last night. Adelle dressed up as a fairy and Gavin was a dragon. How appropriate. The kids hadn't taken their nap yesterday so we ended up leaving the halloween party before any serious fun(candy) broke out. It was either leave or have Adelle throw herself on the floor in a kicking, flailing heap every 2 minutes. Easy choice.
Josh and I went over to my sister Stephanie's house for a no-kids-allowed halloween party. Mom and Dad stayed with the kids since they were sleeping at home.
Ha. Josh found this funny apron at a local German bakery. (I forgot the name but I think this bakery deserves its own I'll be back with a name!)
This apron he found.... well you just have to see it. So i'll be back with a pic.
I dressed up as Ephelba, from wicked. Its was total improvisation... but very fun.

We recently lost our whole flock of birds (chickens and ducks) to a great masacre. This time it was not Aubie (our {chicken} hunting dog.)
We're not sure what happened to our little birds, but all of their heads were gone. It was awful. Josh thought it might have been an angry deranged person. We had the police come by and they filed a report. The cop also thought it was more likely to be a person than an animal.
After some research, I found out that there are several animals that take only the heads when they attack a flock of chickens. Very disturbing. Yuk.
It was a very sad day, I was particularly sad that we lost our two ducks. I love those girls. They were such great layers too. :'(
Come next spring, we are going to start over with a new set of chicks. Hopefully those girls have a less traumatic life.

Looks like I had more to talk about than I anticipated! Good good.

With Halloween out of the way, i'll be spending my "free" time working on Christmas cards, crafts, and presents. I'm going to start a seperate blog for my crafts, soon. Soon.

Congrats if you made it through all that uncensored rambling. :o)

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