Monday, April 26, 2010

to glaze or not to glaze?

glazed door

left side is glazed right side is not

Today I was determined to finally finish the kitchen cabinets. I repainted them all the same off-white as my trim and doors. My next step is to either glaze and seal or just seal. I can't decide which look I like best.

I really like the nice bright clean non-glazed cabinets but I wonder how long they will stay that way? :) I also like the dimension and character the glazing brings...but does it make the cabinets look all nasty and uber dirty? I can't decide!



Carissa Rasmussen said...

I love the glaze and the added dimension.

Momza said...


The Browns said...

Either is very cute so I think you can't go wrong! but I do like the look of the one on the left A LOT :)

Andrea said...

I say glazed! ;)