Monday, April 5, 2010

I told you,

I've been busy busy.
I have a long list of projects, some of them are done, most are half way or (3/4 way) done.
Here are some before and after pics of my house. I'll take more complete after pics after i'm completely finished with the painting and I clean everything up. I've been so preoccupied with projects that I've been a verrrry neglectful housekeeper. My baaaad ;)

Yikes. I guess tonight is not the night of the big reveal... Blogger is not wanting me to post pics... Sorry! Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

Anyway I've also been working on my first real patchwork quilt! I'm done with the quilt top, i used those gorgeous Nicey Jane fabrics I've been drooling over forever now. I think the pattern is called a dissapearing nine patch, or tossed nine patch. Now I have to pick fabric for the back, and binding and get her done. (GET'R dun, as Josh would say)
I'll post pics of that too.
I sewed about a million envelope pillow covers too, But i'd really like more, which works out perfectly because pillow forms are 50% off at Joann's this week. YAY!
hmmm... What else? I've been panting all my accessories to match my new light and bright color theme, so lots of white spray paint. I've been looking for more storage pieces too, and a couple chairs. We always need more seating and more storage in our little home.
Alrighty, Gavin woke up for his hourly feeding, gah. I'll post pictures later, if blogger will allow, of course.

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